I use a wide variety of hand and power tools

that I’ve amassed over the decades that I’ve been dabbling in woodworking and furniture making. I started out with what I could afford for the amount of work I was doing at the time. Some of these tools are still actively being used and still work great but over the years I’ve progressed to buy better quality tools.

The tools listed are actively available online and an affiliate link has been provided. Some tools I use are off-brand or no longer available, hence they’ll be listed separately. I’ve also got some hi-quality yet affordable handtools I’ve gotten from some incredible makers on Instagram, so remember to always check online for a small shop producing quality tools/gear and support local.


My off-brand/older large power tools. (These tools are next in line for an upgrade)

  • Tablesaw: A 1970’s Rockwell (before Delta bought them) 1 1/2 hp cast iron 10″ contractor saw
  • Jointer: A 1970’s 6″ Craftsman floor-standing cast iron jointer
  • Drill Press: Reliant 13″ Benchtop drill press with cast iron table and foot. I have 2, one for wood boring and the other is set up for metal boring
  • Bandsaw: Reliant 14″ bandsaw (similar to Jet/Delta/Grizzly/Etc from the 90’s-2000’s)

Power Tools

  • Festool Domino DF 500 Q
  • Festool HEPA Dust Extractor CT26 E
  • Festool 5″ Random Orbit Sander ETS 125
  • Festool Jigsaw PS300
  • Fuji HVLP Spray System MiniMite 4
  • Ridgid Oscillating Spindle Sander (EB4424 HomeDepot)
  • Ridgid 3X18 Belt Sander (R27401 HomeDepot)
  • Performax/Jet 16/32 Drum Sander JWDS1632
  • DeWalt 12 1/2″ Planer DW733 n/a -replaced by DW734 or upgrade to the DW735
  • DeWalt 12″ Miter Saw DW705 n/a -replaced by DW715
  • DeWalt 12″ Dual-Bevel Slide Miter Saw DWS782 n/a – DWS780
  • DeWalt 2hp Plunge Router DW621
  • DeWalt Laminate Trimmer DW670 n/a -replaced by DWE6000
  • DeWalt 2 1/4 hp Router DW618 or get the combo kit DW618PKB
  • DeWalt 20Vmax Ion Cordless Drill & Driver Combo DCK283D2
  • DeWalt 20″ Scroll Saw DW788
  • DeWalt 6 1/2 Track Saw Kit w/ 59″+102″ Tracks DWS520CK
  • Fein Multimaster Multi-Tool FMM350QSL


Hand Tools



Finishes & Adhesives


Shop Accessories

I have a large selection of other hand tools and accessories that I use but not as frequently as these listed. If you’ve seen me use something on my Instagram feed and want to know more about it just send me a DM.

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